We are straight-talking brand PR experts who equip in-house people with what they need to boost their public profile.

Give me a fish and you'll feed me for a day – give me a fishing line and you'll feed me for a lifetime.

  • Is your brand doing wonderful things? Want to tell the world, but aren’t sure how? You need to DO PR.
  • Or maybe you want to build a positive brand reputation, but don’t know where to start. DO PR.
  • Think PR is well out of your budget? Think again. DO PR.
  • Considering employing a PR agency, but aren't a PR expert? DO PR.

DO PR with us.

We provide the training and tools to enable you to DO your own PR, or effectively enlist the right PR agency for what you need.

Our 1-day intensive PR training session costs £500, or we can build a bespoke DO PR package, including:

Training for individuals or groups – how to run a successful press office

Media and stakeholder mapping

Campaign brainstorming, planning, and easy activation

Photography and video creation

Coverage tracking and evaluation tools and support


All training sessions run from 10-6pm and include refreshments and lunch. Delegates receive a bespoke digital support pack and 60-days of access to a PR helpline. Delegates are also given a bespoke annual development plan immediately after the session to ensure training is put into practice.  A relevant journalist will attend each session and will be available for a Q&A.  

South – London Old Street

Tuesday 29th January 2019 / Tuesday 26th February 2019 / Tuesday 26th March 2019

North – Manchester Central

Tuesday 19th February 2019 / Tuesday 19th March 2019 / Tuesday 16th April 2019

Midlands – Birmingham Central 

Tuesday 5th February 2019 / Tuesday 5th March 2019 / Tuesday 9th April 2019 


Meet the experts

Lisa Malyon

Lead trainer and strategist

Well-known for her award-winning and pioneering campaigns, Lisa has played an instrumental role in over 200 successful brand campaigns and strategies. As a PR agency owner, and passionate campaigner in her spare time, Lisa can take any unknown brand, individual or cause and position it centre-stage. Lisa’s creative ideas teamed  with her experience in local and national government relations delivers truly awe-inspiring campaigns that are always surprisingly affordable.

Tashia Cameron

Training and activation manager

After spending six years as a press office manager for 30+ brands, Tashia is an expert in all things publicity and PR. Having joined Lisa at the start of her career, Tashia quickly learned the ropes, and became the best press office manager in the world, ever. No lie. With an incredibly mature head on young(ish) shoulders Tashia’s audience and media consumption knowledge spans everything, from grime to grannies and cabbies to childcare. What Tashia doesn’t know about running a slick press office isn’t worth knowing.
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